Preparing the Brief – Why it is so important?

– Preparing the brief help us to better understand you expectations and speed up the whole working process.

– Well done brief helps us to achieve the exact final product which you expect to receive.

– The Brief shows us all your requirements, you have the guarantee that we know what to do and we are gonna do it right.

– Less emails with questions = less work for you and us, that is why we can offer you an arractive price and short waiting times.



”The first preview is so crucial for you to see in which direction our visualizations are going to.

If we receive the brief with many informations about the project, we are able to meet the

customer expectation and make the final product according to his vision.”

The most important informations which Good Design Brief should includes:

The name of the project and the main idea of it, for example:

” Our a new investitions is a boutique Development with a focus on quality and living comfort”

Target market, it is not as important as the previous one, but it is helpfull if we know some informations

of the target group for which the real estate is designed.

Colours, Style, mood of the visualization you expect.

You can show us your preferences of the best visualizations which you would like to receive, but remember

that we have our own style and we can’t always agree to do something about it.




















In the internet there are many places, where you can find inpiration for the project which would helps us in

making visualizations for example:

– facebook (many companys and people post photos of their projects with exact description)

– instagram (little brother of facebook, If you need to quick find many photos without the long description,

it is the application for you)

– printerest ( you can save your favourite pictures there, create a group and assign them to them, very usefull website,

has helped us for many years

– screen from the revit or sketchup ( helpfull if you need to show us the perspecive, the angle of the camera posiition)















Some questions for you

– Could you send us photos or visualization with lighting which you like the most.

– If we need to make the exterior render please send us the landscape project or some inpiration when it comes to the greenery.

– If we need to make the interior visualization, could you send us the project or some inspirations about the furniture.



Budget and Timing

In the end we left a part that nobody likes but setting the exact price ranges at the beginning of the cooperation is very important.

It is very difficult to set a one price for every visualization, we prefer to consider each order separately and adjust the price to it, that’s

why the good design Brief is so important, a well-drafted brief gives us the opportunity to do our job properly.